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Hello, everyone! Allow me to take you on a journey into the intriguing world of forex through the eyes of Nina. Originating from the war-torn region of Chechnya in Russia, Nina arrives on the financial scene as a seemingly professional forex trader at the age of 27. However, beneath the surface of her so-called expertise lies a web of deception that has spanned a decade of clandestine activities.

Hello, everyone! Allow me to take you on a journey into the intriguing world of forex through the eyes of Nina.

Originating from the war-torn region of Chechnya in Russia, Nina arrives on the financial scene as a seemingly professional forex trader at the age of 27. However, beneath the surface of her so-called expertise lies a web of deception that has spanned a decade of clandestine activities.

Nina, though claiming ten years of trading experience, has never connected her accounts to MyFxBook for verification. Her passion for forex and financial markets takes a unique turn as she openly shares the lessons learned from years of deceiving men and women. The highs and lows of this journey will be unveiled, exposing the hidden truths of Nina’s real identity.

This page is not just about trading strategies and market insights; it’s an exploration of the people behind the trades and the captivating world of scammers and scams within the industry. Join us as we delve into the complexities of forex, where the line between success and deception is often blurred. Stay tuned for the gripping story that Nina has been crafting in her mind. It’s a tale of scams, shattered trust, and the delicate balance between achieving success and succumbing to deception in the forex market. Get ready for a thrilling ride as Nina opens up about her experiences.

In the shadows of the forex market, I, a gambling addicted trader, exploited my ties with an unregulated broker with MT4 and MT5 behind the scenes. Deception became my craft as I manipulated my own trades through my own broker, leaving unsuspecting players at my mercy while having multiple sugar daddies supporting my lifestyle to make you believe all of it is real.

Little did they know, the puppet master’s strings were invisibly pulled by me, changing what I wanted whenever I wanted. For a decade, I reveled in the illusion of control, creating a rigged game where the odds favored only one player — me. It was like owning a casino where every game was designed to make others believe they could actually win by posting only profits from demo accounts without ever verifying MyFxBook or any of my accounts for years.

Yet, beneath the surface of my rigged empire, an unforeseen truth lurked, ready to expose the consequences I had artfully avoided for years manipulating the system to my liking. Stay tuned.

Over the past ten years, my path took a sinister turn as I engaged in a complex web of deceit. I sold a myriad of services, cunningly convincing individuals that I possessed a unique ability to navigate the intricate world of trading. My schemes extended beyond duping individuals; I targeted and deceived men and women through funded companies, making grandiose promises and charging exorbitant amounts.

Every week, I changed my mind about what services I sold. Despite contractual agreements stipulating refunds within 10 days, I intentionally evaded accountability and disappeared, running away. Rather than honor these commitments, I orchestrated a meticulous cover-up, systematically blocking and deleting all traces of evidence over the years. This calculated approach allowed me to amass millions through a labyrinth of deception, leaving behind a trail of broken trust and unfulfilled promises and a trail of men and women, destroying lives with only my selfish self in mind.

In the twisted narrative I wove over the years, I became a master of manipulation, preying on the trust of both men and women who hung on my every word. With calculated malevolence, I lured them into my schemes, convincing them that I held the key to untold riches through the infamous 1K challenge.

In their innocence, they believed my every promise, unaware that this was not the first time I embarked on such a venture. The 1K challenge, a seemingly exciting opportunity, was nothing more than a deceptive ruse. Last month, I callously blew away the hard-earned money of my followers, leaving devastation in my wake.

Despite the fresh wounds inflicted, I refused to shoulder any accountability for my actions. The pattern persisted as I skillfully concealed the truth, leaving my victims in the shadows of financial ruin, betrayed by the false hope I had artfully created.

For years, my existence has revolved around running elaborate schemes and scamming people for a living. I’ve reveled in the ill-gotten gains, luxuriating in the finest things life has to offer, all the while callously ruining other people’s lives. I derive a perverse pleasure from making them believe my every word, manipulating them into showering me with flowers, gifts, cars, and money.

Yet, despite the external facade of opulence and indulgence, a deep void within me remains unfulfilled. The insatiable appetite for more, driven by my unhealed childhood trauma, propels me further down this destructive path. The wounds from parents who neither loved nor cared for me have festered into scars that now define me. In my pursuit of satisfaction, I’ve become a narcissist, endlessly seeking validation and dominance, forever haunted by the echoes of an unhealed past.

To numb the pain and drown out the echoes, I’ve introduced drugs, cocaine, and alcohol into my everyday routine. A desperate attempt to escape the unhealed scars that continue to torment my soul, leaving me in a perpetual endless vicious cycle of self-destruction and despair. Even my own fat brother doesn’t recognize me anymore.

I am in need serious help!

A year ago, I embarked on a journey abroad to Turkey, seeking solace in the company of toxic friends who had never truly supported me. These so-called friends only appeared during the good times, expecting gifts and indulging in drugs while offering no genuine emotional support.

As everything in my life began to collapse, and I started losing clients’ funds, blowing up funded challenges left and right, I made a fateful decision. Instead of addressing my childhood trauma, I flew to Turkey with my toxic boyfriend at the time, nicknamed “Alfones,” whom I was fully supporting—essentially becoming his sugar mommy and paying for everything.

While in Turkey, I closed my Instagram accounts, disconnected from the world, and indulged in drugs without a care for anyone but my selfish self. At the peak of my deception, I took on challenges worth $2.1 million from more than five prop firms, including TopTier Trader, Nations Trading, E8 Funding, TrueForexFunds Funding, My Forex Funds, and more.

Charging a fee of $5,000 per client, I had 25 clients and made 125,000$ just in fees.
However, during the midst of partying and doing drugs, at 4 am, I callously blew all the accounts.

To cover my tracks, I meticulously crafted a contract, a deceptive document promising a refund if I failed the challenges—a promise destined to remain unfulfilled.
As I pocketed every penny for myself, I callously blocked all my trusting clients, leaving no trace of our transactions.
It was a carefully orchestrated vanishing act, a middle finger to those who had put their faith in me.

But that wasn’t the extent of my deceit.
While reveling in the chaos of Turkey, I seized the opportunity to open a PAMM Master account with TRUBLUEFX enticing investors with promises of lucrative returns.
With the tantalizing scent of wealth hanging in the air, I managed to secure 200-300k in investors’ funds.
Yet, in less than 48 hours, I orchestrated a spectacular downfall, leaving the once-promising PAMM account in ruins while giving false hopes to all my followers and losing all their money, till this day I have done nothing about it but I manipulated everyone by believing my new lies and deceit.

And then, the piece de resistance of my elaborate charade—the claim that my Binance account, supposedly safeguarding a substantial 800K USDT of investors’ money, was mysteriously locked but I have received an email stating that I have 14 days to close all active positions and move all funds from the Binance account but I decided to play a trick on all my followers to believe that it was locked and taking all the money to my selfish self.
It was a carefully woven lie, a smokescreen of deception that still lingers to this day.
Not a single dollar has found its way back to the rightful owners, swallowed by the void of my deceit, leaving behind shattered dreams and a trail of broken trust 
not a dime has been returned taking accountability is not my thing.

Upon returning from Turkey, my so-called love, “Alfones,” scammed me for $2 million (see Whatsapp video).
Apparently, all the money I had accumulated through years of scamming and deceiving men and women disappeared in a single day.
Undeterred, I concocted more schemes.

One day, I didn’t sell any services, the next I played the role of a guru and mentor and was teaching my followers how to trade for huge fees, then took on 1K challenges, and the following day, I sold a course I claimed not to have. 

This vicious cycle of deception, manipulation, and scams has been haunting me for years on end, a relentless pattern that I can’t seem to break free from. Despite the trail of destruction I’ve left behind, I never seem to learn, always thinking I know it all.

Now that the truth is out, there’s nothing left to say!!!
If you send me any money, it’s a one-way ticket to oblivion. As evident from the compiled evidence over the years, once you send that money, it’s gone, and there’s no turning back the time has come for me to face the consequences for my actions and this time it will be forever on the internet for everyone to see who am I really!

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